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The night before you call a key witness by deposition in court is not the time to learn that your video was not processed correctly. For the last ten years, FTI’s professional digital video operation has provided our clients with over 150,000 hours of the highest quality video with always accurate sync files.

FTI's production facility is equipped with state of the art equipment and a full-time professional staff who understand the time-critical demands of trial and provide 24/7 support to make sure expectations are not only met but exceeded.*


FTI creates digital MPEG files of your video in two hour segments. Since a videotape recorded in "SP" is 2 hours long, a single two hour MPEG is generally created per tape. If your tape has been recorded in EP, SP or SLP where more than 2 hours are on the tape, your MPEGs will be created in 2 hour segments.

The following items are required for FTI to process your video:

     • Video tapes or disks clearly marked with deponent name and date.
        Indicate total number of tapes on each tape (i.e., 1 of 2 and 2 of 2).

     • An electronic version of the transcript in either ASCII or some similar text

     • Each electronic file should indicate the name and date of the transcript.

     • If possible, provide materials for each deposition in its own folder.

     • A prioritized deponent list if applicable.

Standard Pricing

Capture and Synchronize Capture, synchronize transcript to video $160 per 2 hour tape or video file
Video Capture ONLY Digitize video and create CD/DVD $30 per tape or authored DVD
Synchronize ONLY  Synchronize transcript text to video $130 per 2 hour tape or file

Expedite Charges

Deliverable Surcharge
Standard: 5 days or more processing period
(includes process and shipping time)
Rush: 2 - 4 day processing period
(includes process and shipping time)
Priority: 1 day processing period
(includes process and shipping time)
Holiday: Processing that is required during a holiday 50%

*Technical Support via telephone and email is limited to registered users of TrialMax 6, users currently engaged in a matter supported by FTI or users that may be evaluating TrialMax for future trial presentation opportunities.

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