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While the practice of synchronizing video to a deposition transcript is not new, TrialMax 6 has taken the process and streamlined it to make it fast and functional.  We have spent countless hours in court and on trial sites. It's this time in the field, working with our clients that has inspired many of the features we have today. 

Unlike others in this industry we use our product daily on live cases.  We are constantly conducting research and development and pushing the envelope to make things work faster and better because our clients demand it.   

What sets us apart?

  • Drag and Drop designation and playlists
    Changing the playback order of designations couldn't be easier. Move them one at a time or a whole group at once.
  • Drag and Drop merging of designation playlist
    Drag one playlist into another to merge them together.  One click and the designations are sorted in chronological order.
  • Batch import of designation playlist text files
    Importing designation playlist is as easy as creating a text file.  An unlimited number of these files can be imported in one quick batch.
  • 7 user-definable highlight colors to distinguish designation types
    Plaintiff or Defense, Direct or Cross, you will always know by the color of the highlighted text
  • Color coded scrolling text in presentation
    Distinguish designations in court with color coded scrolling text.
  • Full transcript report reflecting designations by colors
    Export the whole transcript with color coded highlighting for each designation.  Never manually highlight transcripts again.
  • Batch export of customizable designation playlist reports
    Export playlist reports the way you want them, one at a time or all at once.
  • Visual fine tuning indicator
    Know at a glance that a designation has been fine tuned and is ready to be shown in court.
  • Export designation playlist with tuning
    Move playlists from one case to another and retain all fine tuning information. Collaborate with others when designating video.
  • Fully Adjustable  interface to maximize workflow by task
    Don't be confined to work the way others think you should. You're free to work in a way thatís comfortable for you.


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