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      Q. Why is there no charge for TrialMax?
A. FTI has been in the litigation consulting and support business for a long time. In order for us to remain on the cutting edge and to constantly drive improvements, we essentially developed TrialMax for our own use at trial in order to better support our clients. During trial or preparation where FTI Trial Services has been retained, we will provide your firm with an unlock code and limited TrialMax installs. This enables us to work collaboratively with attorneys and support staff, printing binders, editing and reviewing videos and other time and resource saving tasks. We developed TrialMax as a unique tool for FTI and our clients, not as a profit center.

Q. How do I activate TrialMax?
A. Activating TrialMax requires a signed, matter-specific license agreement and LOE. Once those documents are executed, you’ll receive a username and password used to unlock the program.

Click here for detailed activation instructions.

Q. How do I get the latest update?
A. Program updates are applied using an online update wizard that is started from the TrialMax Help menu. With an active Internet connection, simply select “Help | Check for Updates” and follow the wizard instructions.  Detailed instructions can be found here.

Q. Who can help me with TrialMax?
A. FTI has been in the trial support business for well over a decade. Our 20+ technology consultants are available across the country. See our Trial Services website for detailed information.

Q. Can I use deposition video that’s already been processed for another product?
A. Certainly. While our sync files are proprietary, we routinely convert video intended for packages such as Sanction or TrialDirector. The fee is nominal and depends on the amount of video being converted.  Typically, the benefits of using the superior TrialMax video functionality will save far more time and money down the line.

Q. Does TrialMax accept PDF’s as documents?
A. Yes. TrialMax has a free PDF converter that downloads after activation during the first online update. This feature converts PDF’s to single page tiff files or png files (if they’re in color).  This conversion process takes place seamlessly in the background.  Simply drag-and-drop the PDF file directly into TrialMax.
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