For technical support, please email trialmax@fticonsulting.com. While FTI does provide telephone support, we do not have a full-time dedicated support center, and as such response time is much faster when email is used, as a team of technology consultants located in multiple time zones receive these support emails.

Please provide your organization’s name, telephone number(s) where you can be reached, and a complete description of the problem.

In the event that your need is urgent and you do not receive a response in short order, please contact your primary consultant in your local FTI office and/or send a follow-up email.

Before contacting FTI for support, please have the following information available (and include as much of this information as possible in your email):

  1. Windows operating system
  2. Version of TrialMax® (this information can be found on the View: Version Information menu)
  3. The specific TrialMax® error message number and description (if TrialMax® generated an error, an XML error log file can be found at C:\Program Files\FTI\TrialMax 6)
  4. Any Windows error messages if applicable
  5. A description of the specific TrialMax® function or task that was being performed at the time the error occurred.
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