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Activate and Update TrialMax

TrialMax operates in a restricted mode until it is activated. In order to activate TrialMax, your computer needs to be connected to the Internet. If an Internet connection is not available on the computer on which you are activating TrialMax, contact the TrialMax Help Desk at trialmax@fticonsulting.com for assistance.

Step 1:
From the Help menu, select “Activate TrialMax”


Step 2:
Click the link on the resulting dialog box (below). This will launch your web browser to the online activation site. (Note: Your client username/password combination does not go into the Activation Key field in this field.


Step 3:
Complete the online form in your web browser. Make sure that your Client ID and Client Password, as provided by FTI upon the submission of your executed license agreement, are entered correctly, as these credentials are case sensitive. Click the “Get Activation Key” button.


Step 4:
Copy the resulting Activation Key from the online activation page and paste it into the Key field in TrialMax. Click OK


Step 5:
After successful activation, TrialMax will automatically begin the online update process.

Step 6:
Click Next on the Online Updates dialog box. Select the TrialMax newest version number and PDF Converter from one of the available download sites.


Step 7:
Follow the steps provided by the Update Wizard to install the updates.






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